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Valley Sports Live

2016-2017 Broadcasts:

August 25th:  Golden West @ MHS

September 2nd:  Taft @ MHS

September 16th:  Kingsburg @ MHS

September 21st:  MHS @ Strathmore WP

September 23rd:  Dinuba @ PHS Football

October 7th:  PHS @ Mission Oak Football

October 13th:  TW @ PHS Football

October 14th:  MHS @ Mission Oak Football

November 4th:  MHS @ PHS Football

November 22nd:  PHS @ Granite Hills Hoops

November 29th:  Liberty @ MHS Girls Hoops

December 5th:  MHS @ PHS Boys Hoops

December 6th:  El Diamante @ PHS Girls Hoops

December 20th:  PHS vs Washington Union - Polly

December 21st:  PHS vs Mt. Whitney - Polly

December 22nd:  PHS vs Golden West - Polly

January 6th:  Granite Hills @ MHS Boys Hoops

January 12th:  Mission Oak @ PHS Boys Hoops

January 16th:  Mission Oak @ MHS Boys Hoops

January 20th:  Tulare Union @ PHS Boys Hoops

January 25th:  Strathmore @ Granite Boys Hoops

January 26th:  PHS Girls @ MHS Girls Hoops

January 27th:  PHS @ MHS Boys Hoops

February 1st:  TU @ MHS Boys Hoops

February 3rd:  TW @ PHS Boys Hoops

February 15th:  MHS @ PHS Booys Hoops

February 21st:  Desert @ PHS Girls Hoops

February 22nd:  McLane @ PHS Boys Hoops

February 23rd:  Yosemite @ MHS Girls Hoops

February 24th: PHS @ Sanger Boys Hoops

February 28th:  Kerman @ Strathmore Girls Hoops

March 14th:  TW @ PHS Baseball

March 18th:  Rance Mulliniks Interview 

March 19th:  Jeff Brown Interview

May 6th:  Brandon Moody HOF 2017

May 6th:  Jennifer Schnoover HOF 2017

May 18th:  El Diamante @ MHS Softball

May 19th:  Hoover @ PHS Baseball

May 23rd:  Madera @ MHS Softball

May 24th:  Garces @ PHS Baseball

May 26th:  MHS vs Sanger Softball Valley Championship

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